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We are exclusive to you, without the layers

When a Buyers Agent is taking a fee from lenders, financial planners and other related parties, there are layers of commissions in the middle. Which is not really a fair service to you, the buyer.

Buy Smart Real Estate does not take commissions from ANY third parties or pay commissions to ANY third parties. At Buy Smart Real Estate, we are not incentivised by any fees from middlemen and work only for our buying clients. This means you know we have your best interests always top of mind.

It also explains why we don’t provide random listings !

And is why we focus on negotiating for you, the very best price. Every client has achieved a buy price that far outweighs our Buyer Agent fee. We know that it’s important to demonstrate our value to you and overall save you money, time, frustration and confusion. If you want your dream home that meets all your criteria and is within budget through an enjoyable process, then you need a BuySmart Buyers Agent working for you.

Being licenced is important

Buy Smart Real Estate is accredited with the REBAA across Australia. This accreditation is important to us as it ensures our levels of professionalism and customer focus, when acting as your Buyers Agent.

What our customers say means a lot

When you do a good job, people tell others about it. Here’s what our clients have to say …

“There’s just so many options and pathways to buying a home in Australia. It was taking so much time and was just confusing. Jo made sense of all of it and helped us find just the right package. Jo was quick, professional, goes above and beyond and knows what it takes.” Charlotte Foo


Let’s talk about your Australian lifestyle.

The first step is a 30 minutes FREE consultation that allows you to get an understanding of the support available from the Buy Smart Real Estate team. We will explain what a Buyers Agent is, the fees and how we work. You can then determine if the support available suits your needs and personal situation.

The criteria for those looking to buy a home to live in or to have a family member live in, will be very different to the criteria of someone looking for an investment property.

Both types of buyers should be aware of capital growth projections, projected property maintenance issues, community and transport infrastructure in the area. Both should consider new builds versus established property options as well.

New residents will have specific location objectives around work or study requirements. New suburbs around growing town centres could consider new builds. City areas also offer new apartment opportunities.

Investors should have insight into rental yield, occupancy levels and future infrastructure plans. There are more options for investors looking for returns across both new build and established options.

So the decision making can be complex. That’s why the advice of someone with decades of experience in new build and building materials markets across the east coast of Australia, is worth talking to. Not just to speak broadly, but to discuss the detail of your options and to walk with you at every step. As your Buyers Agent, we will work you through all your criteria, confirm what the home must deliver, do deep research, present the best options, negotiate hard and ensure you get the best value for every dollar. We’re a unique buyers agency service, fully focussed on your best outcome.

30 minutes well invested

Australian cities offer a totally different range of lifestyles.

To make the most of the 30 minutes, be ready to discuss how you live and what type of lifestyle makes you and your family happy.

What is your household type? How does work and home interact for you? What sorts of living spaces do you need? What sort of support do you need for your household? Let’s talk about furniture, living areas and kitchens! Are you sports active? Community service-oriented? Do you have a car? Boat? More than one car? An art collector?

By understanding how you live, we can recommend the best location and home format that will suit your lifestyle.

Best of all at the end of 30 minutes, the Buy Smart Real Estate team can provide for you a detailed project brief with a cost agreement for your consideration.

So no costs before the consultation. No costs after the consultation. Only costs once you know and understand the Buyers Agency service. NO SURPRISES!


You share the vision, we will do the detail.

After your first 30 minutes FREE meeting with Buy Smart Real Estate, and we agree to work together, as your Buyers Agent we will take you on a straightforward journey as your partner in the process. Every step can be managed by Buy Smart Property or you may choose to undertake a few steps yourself, with some guidance. It’s up to you.


After deciding that we will work together, Buy Smart Real Estate will work with you on a written brief, so we can be sure we absolutely understand how you want to live and what we will find for you. To bring the brief together, we will talk about all sorts of things about your life and how you work, rest and play. We will also discuss and agree the fee for our Buyers Agency services, so everything is crystal clear upfront. Clients enjoy the process of the brief as we get the opportunity to talk about what you love and what you hope to change and bring into your life in your new home.

With an agreed brief, the fun begins. The Buy Smart Real Estate team gets to work to find a range of properties that meet or are very close to delivering the lifestyle you are hoping for. We go over hundreds of locations across the city you hope to live in and that meet your lifestyle preferences. Some properties are those you would find with an online search. Many however are those that haven’t yet made it to a listing or have come off the market. Our Buy Smart Real Estate network is part of the value of our service.

Buy Smart Real Estate will need a few weeks to do this research and we will present to you a shortlist of opportunities. This first shortlist may not have your ideal option yet. Often it does and sometimes, clients find a number of the shortlisted properties would be perfect.

As part of the shortlist, we will talk you through the options that your preferred locations present. Some properties have exactly the space and location, however contract sale terms may not align. We also guide you through the aspects of the local community and related transport issues. It is important to understand that your purchase is about more than just the property itself. Every city is different and each has some nuances around their areas that often seem unusual to new home buyers.

As we progress on a smaller list of options, Buy Smart Real Estate will start negotiating with the selling agents around the contract terms, other fees and terms and conditions. Just as every home is different, every Selling Agent is too. As your Buyers Agent we know how this works and have proven the value of our deep industry insights in negotiations for our clients.

An exciting part of the journey is the site visit. Buy Smart Real Estate is available to do site visits on your behalf and live stream or video the spaces for you. Or we can go together. If you choose to go alone, we can advise you on what to look for, what to ask and what could be a deal maker or breaker.

A site visit is really important in the process because of the very real difference between how the home has been presented with modern photography and how space actually feels once you are inside it. Rarely do the two experiences align.

If you need to travel to do the site inspection, the Buy Smart Property team can assist with coordinating flights, accommodation, transfers and more.

All too often, people looking for their new home are strongly encouraged to sign quickly. Buy Smart Real Estate has the local area insights to ensure you can make a quick decision if you need to, but not make it ill-informed. We can furnish you with insights quickly to ensure you don’t face false time pressure issues. There’s also risks related to local area factors such as transport, infrastructure issues and social issues.

Auctions can be as daunting as they are exciting. Knowing what face to present, how to read the auctioneer and when to act is, without doubt, a skill and learned expertise. At the auction, you don’t want to move at the wrong time. To secure the property at the right price, it is so important how you or your representative works amongst the group.

That’s why it makes sense to have a licensed auctioneer handle this process for you. Buy Smart Real Estate can act on your behalf and video call you in. As your Buyers Agent, we can act alongside you at an auction, or just prepare you to handle the auction yourself.

After negotiations have been finalised, a critical ‘next step’ is contract signing, deposit payment and exchange, they are all part of the same process following on very quickly, especially in a ‘hot market’ or where a property is in high demand. It’s crucial that this process be managed expertly to achieve your price and secure your property. Buy Smart Property will walk you through your responsibilities such as the right time to appoint your lawyer or conveyancing company, contract clauses and annexures such as but not limited to, Vendors statements, cooling-off periods and what they mean, covenants and title ownership… these are just a few parts to a contract that can cause problems if not properly understood whilst going through the negotiating process. Starting to see why a Buyers Agency service makes sense ?

For those households coming into a new city from overseas, navigating around international transfers should be straight forward, whether into Hong Kong or Australia. The Buy Smart Real Estate team can assist and advise if required. Clients can have the Buy Smart Real Estate team support them with airfares coordination, visa coordination, pet relocation and transport, schools research and more.

If you are new to a city, the Buy Smart Property team are also able to connect you with local social network introductions. For expatriates living in Hong Kong, when joining a new community in Australia, there is a vast range of social opportunities and activities. Sporting, business, charity and interest groups are always present. Sometimes you just need to know where to look.

Once you are settled, Buy Smart Real Estate will be in touch to check that all has progressed as you had hoped and our Buyers Agency service has been valued. It’s just our way of making sure you are able to make the most of your new home. Most clients know we’ve passionately invested ourselves into buying their home for them and we value each relationship. That’s probably why we get so many referrals !

Book your catch up coffee appointment today!

In just 30 minutes, Jo can talk you through the in’s and out’s of investing in real estate in Australia. There are no costs before the consultation. No costs after the consultation. Only costs once you know and understand the Buyers Agency service. You choose how to meet – in person, over Zoom or on the phone. NO SURPRISES!

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