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A wealth of experience

When it comes to any property decision, there’s nothing like ‘lived experience’.

Values count, Authentic. Credible. Experienced. Disciplined.

We have all heard about people making poor decisions around property, simply because they didn’t know any better. That’s why it’s savvy to get the right advice at the right time. That’s why the role of a Buyers Agent was created !

The Buy Smart Real Estate team is a team of experienced and qualified Buyers Agents, led by Jo Bell, the founder of parent company RENT.BUY.MOVE. Jo operates to a high set of lifetime values all based around ‘people helping people’. This is not just a saying. It’s part of Jo’s fibre and psyche.

As a group, all team members have been successful because each one believes that we are only as strong as the community in which we reside. Each team member is active in their community and appreciates the importance of engaging and contributing to improving the way in which we live, no matter where we are.

We act as Buyers Agents for all types of purchasers – first home buyers to people looking for their retirement home worth millions. It’s not the value but the process we are focussed on. As a Buyers Agent we have been able to save $100,000’s of dollars for our clients and we’d like to take you on your home buying journey too. Our disciplined approach keeps you focussed on achieving your goals and we negotiate hard to ensure you get the best value for your money.

Committed to Excellence

Sharing knowledge with respect and consideration.

For Jo, every day is to be lived well. To achieve this, Jo sees it as so important to be authentic in everything she does. Learn from every experience. Apply this knowledge and share with others and operate with respect and consideration of those around her. It’s a disciplined lifestyle and one that comes from over three decades of property investment.

Jo expects and ensures her Buyers Agency team do the same.

As an international athlete, Jo started her own property journey at 18 years of age. In those early days when swimming for Australia, Jo made a few mistakes. Hard learned lessons that ignited her passion for property and determination to help others make better decisions.

With a business career in property Jo has personally sold over 1,000 homes and loves the thrill of helping people achieve their dreams of home ownership. Jo’s experience cuts across building materials, home building, home selling, home buying, investment and development. This unique professional journey is why Jo’s approach to acting as a Buyers Agent is so powerful.

“I understand the emotions and appreciation wrapped up in buyer satisfaction. I’ve met many clients years after their homes have been built or purchased and they never forget how I helped and what it’s meant to their whole family. That’s what drives me to keep helping people in property.” Buy Smart ethos is: The profit in property is realised at purchase, not at sale. – Jo Bell

Unrivalled Experience

Bachelor of Applied Social Science, major in Management and Counselling

Bachelor of Arts, General Studies

Women’s Swimming team Member of Aust Inst Sport
Australian Women’s Swimming Team 1982/83
Australian Representative Women’s Swimming Team 1982/84
Australian Open Women’s 200 backstroke champion 1983


Class 1 Agent Real Estate – Sales or Leasing

Certificate IV in Property Services

International Language Mandarin


“Engaging, energetic, inspiring, clear with vision, passionate, inclusive, motivational influence, professional, intellectually connected manager, interprets what clients and customers require. Focused and driven, strategic thinker era and continuously thinks of new ways to innovatively approach problems”

“This woman has the heart of a lion and will always fight for what’s right. She is loyal and possesses a strict moral compass. At the crux of it, Jo is one of the good guys. With Jo on your side, you’ll have the best chance of success. She is an exceptional negotiator and spokesperson with the rare skill of being able to express and present matters in ways that gets sought after results. Prior to setting up Buy Smart Property, Jo helped us secure our current home on the Northern Beaches in Sydney. We are now looking to invest and Jo will be our go-to due to the money she saved us on our previous purchase and the simplicity of her approach.”

“Jo recently ran a team-building session with the Hong Kong Men’s Cricket Team. The session was engaging, delivered key messages targeted towards communication, collaboration and team dynamic. Jo communicated effectively to a diverse group of players and staff. Her enthusiastic approach made the session fun, maintaining clear learning outcomes. Jo’s skill set lends itself to leading and developing positive relationships within teams.”

“I have had the pleasure of working with Jo on a number of major projects and am happy to publicly endorse Jo as a highly professional and intellectually connected manager, who really takes time to understand and interpret what clients / customers require.”

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